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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The Company has a Personnel Manual which is intended to familiarize all employees on management's position on important personnel matters which affect the working relationship between the organizations and its members.

Provisions of this Manual includes the "No Discrimination" Policy which states that all all employees are given due respect regardless of race, creed, sex and socio-economic status in life.

Conflicts of Interest

Another section is devoted to conflict of interest which addresses the company's anti-corruption practices and programmes.


These rules are implemented through proper information to the company personnel in the form of memoranda, circulars and other orders of the Company.

Stockholders' Right and Protection of Minority Stockholders' Interests

The Board respect the rights of the stockholders as provided for in the Corporation Code:

  1. Right to vote on all matters that require their consent or approval;

  2. Right to inspect corporate book and records;

  3. Right to information;

  4. Right to dividends; and

  5. Appraisal right.


All stockholders, including minority interests are treated equally and without discrimination.

The Board is transparent and fair in the conduct of the annual and special stockholders' meetings of the Company. Notice and Agenda of the annual or special stockholders meeting are disseminated at least fifteen (15) business days before the scheduled date of the meeting.

Each share of stock entitles the person in whose name it is registered in the books of the Company to one vote. Proxy voting is also exercised in the matters to be taken up in the stockholders' meeting.

The Board and Management is firmly committed in providing shareholders with relevant information about the Company's financial and operating results and future business prospects in a timely and accurate manner.



Related Party Transactions and Insider Trading

Transactions entered into by the Company with related parties are disclosed to shareholders in the Company's annual report and annual audited financial statements. The disclosure includes the nature and extent of transactions with the affiliated and related parties.

For the past five years up to present, there has been no complaint, dispute or problem on related party transactions.

Any change in the shareholdings of the Company resulting from transactions entered into by the directors and key management officers, either by acquisition or disposal are reported to the SEC and PSE within five days from the date of the transaction.

For the past five years up to present, there has been no case of insider trading involving the Company and its directors and management. The Company continues to adhere with existing government regulations against insider trading.


Other Stakeholders' Relations

The Company acknowledges the roles of different stakeholders in the attainment of its objectives and recognizes its obligations over them, as well.

The Company's customers, business partners, employees, creditors, government, communities, non-government organizations, media and the general public are valued and recognized by the Company as its success rests on the relationship with these stakeholders through their support and contribution to the Company.

  • Customers

    The Group recognizes the rights of its customers and clients. Prompt attention and courtesy to the public and the clients are to be observed at all times by the Company personnel.

    A policy on the proper conduct towards clients and customers is embodied in the Company's Personnel Manual under Article IV. Public Relations which was duly informed to the company personnel through memoranda, circulars and other orders of the Company.

    Customers health, safety and rights are also ensured and safeguarded through proper governmental registrations and approvals of the Company's real estate projects designed for commercial or residential uses.

         Cityland Development Corporation

HLURB Registrations

City & Land Developers, Incorporated

HLURB Registrations

  • Business Partners: Supplier/ Contractor

    It is the Company's policy to conduct proper selection process for the suppliers and contractors of its real estate projects under development.

    An accreditation process is undertaken for every contractor who wishes to participate in the bidding of the Company's on-going project works to ensure that the contractor's practices and works passes the standards of the Company.

    All the contractors of the Company should be accredited by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB).


  • Employees

    The Group recognizes the role of its employees in the good performance and success of the business of the Company. In return, the Group values the health, safety and welfare of its employees.

    Benefits include medical assistance benefit, annual physical check-up, accident insurance, semi-annual socials, loans and donations as needed, in addition to the work leaves and bonuses.

    Training and development programmes are also given to the employees from time to time.


         Employee Trainings and Seminars

Home Guaranty Corporation Certificates of Guaranty

  • Government

    The Group recognizes the authority and jurisdiction of the government over the conduct of its business.

    In view of this, the Company continuously prove to be compliant with the regulations issued by government agencies and contributes to the economy of the country through the proper conduct and governance of its business.


  • Communities

    Communities are valued by the Group by ensuring that the company's projects/ developments passed the environment compliance procedures of the government. This is evidenced by the Certificates issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA).

    Tree plantings are also supported by the Group to help contribute in environment-friendly works.


           Environment Compliance Certificates

  • General Public

    The public, in general is valued by the Company through compliance with the respective government rules, regulations and stipulations. The Group proves to be a contributor in the welfare of the society as a whole in the performance of its corporate social responsibilities.



Financial Reporting, Disclosures and Transparency

The audited financial statements have been prepared in compliance with the Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS).

Please refer to Note 2 of the audited financial statements for the newly adopted accounting standards.


As a commitment to the standards of full disclosure and transparency, the Company consistently provides the stakeholders and general public of the substantial and material financial and operating information through timely and adequate disclosure filings to the respective regulatory agencies. Such information include among others, earning results and other financial reports, related party transactions, ownership structure, other operating information and material management actions which are fully disclosed in a timely manner as compliance to disclosure requirements under existing laws and regulations.

Board Approval of Audited Financial Statements

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